Friday, January 4, 2013

When supplements KILL!

 Just a few days ago, my good friend Yuri sent me
some information which I just had to pass on to
The email he sent me was in reference to an
advisory issued by Health Canada almost 1 year
ago regarding a very dangerous cleansing product
called the "Complete 7-Day Cleanse".
Even if you don't live in the Great White North,
this is still important to know about...
Here's a snippet from the "health advisory" that
was issued:
OTTAWA - Health Canada is advising consumers that
the unauthorized product “"Complete 7-Day
Cleanse"” is being recalled because it contains a
number of active ingredients with a combined
effect that may pose serious health risks.
"Complete 7-Day Cleanse"” is a multi-ingredient
natural health product promoted for “"cleansing"
or removing toxins from the body.
According to package labeling, the product
contains over 30 active ingredients, some having
a diuretic (water pill) or laxative (stimulant,
and bulk-forming) effect. This combination of
ingredients may increase the laxative or diuretic
impact of the product and pose a risk of
dehydration and/or electrolyte imbalance.
Symptoms of severe dehydration may involve an
altered mental state and dizziness. Symptoms of
moderate to severe electrolyte imbalance (which
is an imbalance of salts in the body, such as
potassium or sodium) may include muscle weakness
or cramping, abnormal heartbeat, and difficulties
The product is available at retail outlets across
Canada and over the Internet. The Canadian
importer, Iovate Health Sciences International
Inc., of Oakville, Ontario, has initiated a
nationwide recall at the request of Health Canada.
These 4 paragraphs remind us that "quick fixes"
don't work and they're outright dangerous!
And this is the precise reason that I don't
recommend any cleanses…
…Other than Yuri's food-based approach.
We all want the "solution in a bottle" and that's
the lure of many of these "cleanse kits" that
promise a squeaky clean colon or rapid weight
loss after just a few days of ingesting their
Too bad they don't remind us of the nasty
side-effects or long term consequences of using
their fabricated potions.
Plus, they'll never tell you the truth....
That nothing is more effective for achieving such
goals - with long-lasting results - by simply
cleaning up your diet and actually solving the
root cause of the problem.
But It Gets EVEN Better....
On the label of this cleansing product is the
"From the makers of HYDROXYCUT!"
If you know anything about supplements then
you'll know that hydroxycut is one of the WORST
fat burning supplements to have ever taking up
shelf space at health food stores around the
It scares me to think how a dangerous product
like Hydroxycut (let alone their cleanse product
successor) can get approved for human consumption.
According to a 2009 paper in the World Journal of
Gastroenterology, Hydroxycut is the most popular
brand of weight-loss supplement, selling
approximately 1 million units per year.
However, on May 1, 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) issued a warning after
Hydroxycut products were linked to liver damage,
rhabdomyolysis, and at least one death.
The magical genie in a bottle is not going to
give you the rapid weight loss or health results
you're after.
The only person that can do that is you.
I don't care what the latest health miracle
promises, the fact remains that your body
REQUIRES natural means of healing itself, losing
weight, getting stronger, and anything else.
The trouble is that we've been bombarded by
messages that promise overnight success.
And none of this is your fault.
But it is your responsibility to resist the lure
of such "drugs" and to do what is right.
You control your health. Not your doctor, nor a
bottle of pills.
Temptation surrounds us, but you need to be
I know you've got it within you.
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The Boot Camp Rebel

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