Wednesday, May 20, 2009

28,10 , 4, and 1...American Idol?

Hey ,

What are all those numbers?

Well the Birthday Promo is still on...

28 Day Extreme Fat Loss Program is Still Up...(we have 4 Spots Left)...these are cutomized so, I can't offer to many..
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10...the 10 day Detox is also still up...where you can lose upto 10lbs in 10 Days..
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The 4 week Boot Camp for South Florida residents..still going..
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1...1 day before my Birthday and the sale ends..
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Happy Birthday Sale!!

Hi ,

This week is the Big Week....Memorial Day Weekend (The First Official Weekend of the summer),

and My Birthday...That's Right I will be Celebrating the 5th or 6th anniversary of my 26th Birthday...AGAIN!!

(So guess what...The Party is ON!!)

But before I start with all the Craziness...I want you to celebrate with me...

So Since the Next 4 Week Boot Camp Starts when I get back in town...and the 10 Day Detox is Helping Everyone get a Jump Start

We are Putting it All On Sale... 31% OFF

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But this offer ends Monday Memorial Day at 5pm. So if you are like everyone else and waited a little bit to much for the summer to get here...or you have been thinking about joining Boot Camp for a While... Now is the Time...go on over to Our Sale Page and Celebrate with Us

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Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Salsa and Karu & Y For Weight Loss?

Hey Friends

This is an article I wrote for All Experts a while back....Thursday Nights have a NEW hot Spot...Details at the End

Salsa and Karu & Y For Weight Loss?

"In physical exercise, aerobic exercise is literally means "with oxygen", and
refers to the use of oxygen in muscles' energy-generating process. Aerobic
exercise, which is also referred to as Cardio, includes any type of exercise,
typically those performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended
periods of time, that maintain an increased heart rate. In such exercise,
oxygen is used to "burn" fats and glucose.

“But why do people think they have to get on a treadmill or bike at the gym
to do their Cardio?” “After a while walking on the
treadmill or riding the bike at the gym is boring, and you don’t want that”.
People should only do their cardio indoors once per week, the rest of the
aerobic workout should come from an outside activity. People want to have
fun with their workouts and develop habits that will become part of their
lifestyle. “Salsa Dancing, not Salsa Aerobics, is the one that we encourage
the most.” Salsa is a dance that can evoke the wild, untamed spirit in us all.
If you’re tired of going to the gym, tired of working out to music that doesn't
inspire you, then why not dance and get a great workout at the same time
to music you’ll love. It is perfect for those who want to burn calories and
learn Latin dancing at the same time!

“The reason we encourage dance class vs. aerobic class is because of the
Lifestyle enhancing qualities it provides,” Exercising has to be
part of your life not just a phase, if you are looking to lose weight or simple
stay in shape. Sometimes, aerobic classes are very repetitious and don’t
actually teach skills you can use on the Dance floor, which create a lifestyle
that people will enjoy and not seem like its work, and that guarantees
weight loss and good cardiovascular activity. SALSA is hot, sexy, fun and
easy to follow. Salsa is absolutely captivating for those who dance, and for
those who observe.

Want to know what kind of results you can expect? Well, in a 1hour class
the average person can burn 400-700 calories. That is about the same
amount of calories you would burn in a traditional “Spinning” class or 1
hour on cross trainer with heavy resistance."

So Now Imagine Burning 500-600 Calories During BOOTCAMP and Then heading Out for A Night On the Town and Burning another 1,000 or more...

Joing Boot Camp!!! It Starts May 27th here:
BOOTCAMP CAMPS for 2008 are 3 times per week for 4 weeks and are $249.

In Miami David Kennedy Park 6:15, 6:45am( 2160 S Bayshore Dr)

In Miami Lakes at Royal Oaks Park 7:45pm Mon-Wed-Thur 7:45pm
In Pembroke Pines 6:30pm at Brian Piccolo Park.. Mon-Wed-Thur

Enroll Here:

Going Dancing Thursday Nights at Karu and Y;
Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time: Friday, May 15, 2009 at 2:00am
Location: Karu & Y
Street: 71NW 14st.
City/Town: Miami, FL

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm curious, you have 11 days left


Memorial Weekend...THE FIRST Big Weekend of the Summer season in 11 days Away...

You know you will be out that weekend...The Beach, The Pool..The Mall...where ever you are going...

Did you manage to get in the shape you wanted?

Maybe...maybe not, but I'm curious...

A few weeks ago I offered My 10 Day detox/ weight loss Jump Start for ONLY $98...

and you didn't jump on it...Now we have 11 Days before the Memorial Day weekend...

So I will offer it to you again

click here and get it for the $98 promo price

And get a Jump start on the Summer Beach Body You are looking for...

Get Updated Menu's every 48 hours

Get 12 Days of Meal Planning after your 10 days are up

Clean you digestive track

Get a NEW metabolism

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Three Mothers Day Fat Fighting Tips

This Sunday is Mother's Day, so I thought I'd share with you some really simple tips that do a great job of fighting fat. But before I even get to them I want to let you know that while moms have a real tough job, it's not nearly as hard to burn off the belly fat.

In fact, just a few simple changes in lifestyle can make a dramatic difference in your belly, butt, hips and thighs. So be sure to put these tips to good use:

Mother's Day Fat Fighting Tip #1 - Avoid soft drinks, juices and any other liquids loaded with sugar. All these drinks are very high in useless calories. A 12 oz. can of cola typically packs 150 calories worth of sugar! Drink a couple of those a day and you're packing on the belly fat!

Mother's Day Fat Figthing Tip #2 - Record what you eat and drink. Most moms - and people in general - are shocked at the amount of food and calories that they are REALLY consuming when they track it. And be honest, many times when people do this exercise they "forget" to write down the foods they nibble on here and there. It ALL adds up.

Mother's Day Fat Fighting Tip #3 - Eat 5 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies each day. This will help you meet your micronutrient needs for the day. And that is critical to your body's ability to burn fat off your belly, butt, hips and thighs.

Now, if you're having trouble eating all your fruits and veggies I've got some good news for you. My good friends at Prograde Nutrition are having a Mother's Day sale on their powerful Women's VGF 25+. You can save 15% on this awesome product made from 25 veggies, greens and fruits. All the details are below.

Happy Mother's Day!

Yours in health,


PS - Here are all the details on Prograde Nutrition's 15% off Women's VGF 25+ Mother's Day sale:

- When you checkout you will enter this coupon code to save the 15%: mom2009

- If you choose the Smart Ship option the 15% off applies only to the first purchase.

- Shipping will take 3-5 days domestically, so while I HIGHLY recommend you jump all over this sale, don't purchase these as a gift expecting them to be there for Mother's Day itself. Buy them as a healthy gift for yourself or others.

- The offer cannot be combined with others from Prograde and it ends TOMORROW, Friday, May 8th at 11:59pm EST.

- Women's VGF 25+ is NOT available in stores anywhere. You can only find them online here: (hyperlink to )