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Determination and Motivation for Attaining Your New Year's Resolution

Determination and Motivation for Attaining Your New Year's Resolution

Hey Everyone Rafael here and it's time to start talking about the New Year coming. Anyone can set a New Year's Resolution but only a small percentage of people actually achieve them. This can boil down to your determination and your motivation to achieve your resolutions. Before setting any type of New Year's resolution this year you should sit down and really determine what you want to achieve. Look forward to the end of the year and think where you want to be. Reflect on both your personal and your business life goals. You may decide that by the end of the year you have completed a specific training course to further your career. You may make a commitment to that special person or you may want to kick a certain habit. Then start plotting a course backwards from your end goal. What do you need to do to achieve this? Write down all the steps, big or small, that you need to take to achieve your goal. If you want to do a training course your steps could include things like saving the money for the course, applying for it and figuring out how to make the time to take the course. As you plot each step you will easily discover if there are any gaps or things missing in your plan. If so, instead of using these things as an excuse to not go move forwards, you can look for ways to work around them. By planning ahead you can really define your New Year's resolution more easily. Once you see the steps planned out you can determine if you truly want to put in the effort to attain them. When you commit to this new plan you will already be more determined and motivated. When approaching your resolutions in this manner you may find that what you thought you wanted is not your actual goal after all. As you go through the planning steps a clearer goal may emerge. This can be quite an eye opener and allows you to get on the right path immediately. It can be really hard to tackle more than one resolution at a time. If you are a Resolution Setter, but fail to follow through, thinking through the tasks to get to the final goal may reveal your heart really isn’t in that game plan. Instead, resolve to get to something that sets you on fire with desire to accomplish it. Write out all of your resolutions and then prioritize your list so that your main goal is at the top of the list. All of your resolutions may be intertwined, which in a way is good, as you can do one goal at a time. Your New Year's resolutions may be to lose weight and exercise more. Instead of defining these things as two separate items combine them into one. As you increase your exercise you are going to be losing weight. If your resolutions are totally unrelated then select your top choice as your first resolution and tackle that. As you become comfortable or complete this resolution then you can then add your second choice into the mix. Continue on in this way until all of your resolutions are fulfilled. You are still only focusing on one thing at a time and this allows you to stay motivated and on track to reach it. While it can help to set deadlines for completing each resolution, remember that this is a form of motivation. Certain resolutions may take much longer than anticipated, and this is perfectly acceptable. Just readjust the rest of the timings. Always remember that you are bettering your life in some way and these things are not always done overnight. While life may get in the way always keep your resolution in mind and get back on track as soon as possible.   THE RESOLUTION REVOLUTION IS COMING! Resolution revolution LEAVE US YOUR THOUGHTS and COMMENTS!!!

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How to Burn a Pound of Pure Fat in 1 Day

"First thing every morning read or listen to something
positive. Your mind is like a garden - whatever you plant
grows. Plant good stuff." - Alwyn Cosgrove
Hi Everyone
In today's free gift I want to tell you how to burn a pound of fat in 1 day, but first
How many of you have wanted results so bad that you have considered a lapband or oband or even a tummy tuck?
No judging, it's ok...but my question did your arms look after the procedure? how did they look a month after?
What about your legs...were they nice and tight?
You see, I know one wants flabby arms:

No One wants a Flabby Mid section
and no one wants flabby or cellulite filled legs

Can we agree?....No let me show you how to burn a pound of fat in one day:
A pound of fat is 3,500 calories.
So, to lose 10 pounds of pure fat, you need to create a 35,000 calorie deficit.
(please realize that 10 pounds of *fat loss* will probably equate to somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds of actual "wt loss" due to the simultaneous water loss that occurs any time you lose fat).
So, a 35,000 calorie deficit, huh?  That's easy.  In fact, if you didn't eat anything for 15 days, combined with exercise, you'd probably burn even more than that and finish up absolutely ripped after only 2 weeks of sacrifice, right?
Your body does *not* like long-term, drastic reductions in calorie intake and simply responds by...
1) shutting down metabolism and
2) holding on to body fat, both as a starvation protection mechanism.
Therefore, should you ever decide to try something akin to the above, you'd only end up wasting a heck of a lot of time and sacrifice for some pretty crappy results.
In fact, you'd probably end up looking "sick" and still fat.  Probably *not* the look you're going for...
Simply put, creating massive calorie deficits (by not eating, or eating very little) does NOT work for optimal fat loss and physique transformation, and those looking for a quick fix all too often fall victim to trying something so silly in attempt to wake up next week with the body of their dreams.
Bottom line: your body is smarter than these elementary methods, and will very quickly put the breaks on your fat burning efforts in favor of protecting you from starving to death.
So does that mean that the "slow and steady" road is the only path to fat loss, or that rapid fat loss is a dead dream?
Nope!  It just requires "smarter" methods that keep you one step ahead of your body, always in "good standing", instead of repeatedly aggravating it by denying it the nutrients and energy it needs to function.
So how can we be smart about rapid fat loss?
Well, there are a number of ways (that when combined in the most strategic fashion can equate to some incredibly fast fat loss results), but one of the pieces of the puzzle is to create a massive calorie deficit that *actually works* because it's timed appropriately in conjunction with a time in which your body is very receptive to fat burning.
If you've read any of my past writings then you know that I'm a strong believer in utilizing Cheat Days to upregulate metabolism and important fat burning hormones, particularly leptin, while dieting.  After all, it only takes one day of overfeeding or "cheating" to bring these hormones back to baseline and put the body back into an optimized fat burning state (while it takes about a week for them to substantially drop off again).
The end result is greater net fat loss week after week while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods on a regular basis.  I'll take that deal.
Given that information, let me ask you a question:
When do you think might be the ideal time to introduce a massive calorie deficit to a cycle in order to burn the most fat?
I'll let you think about that for a minute...
Okay, got your answer?
Well, if you said after a Cheat Day, then you are 100% correct!  Fact is, after a Cheat Day, your body is *massively* primed to burn fat.  Leptin levels are at their peak, in addition to other important fat burning hormones, and your body is READY and WILLING to use fat for energy.
So, it's after a high calorie day that you'll want to create a massive calorie deficit via:
1.  minimal calorie intake (i.e. strategic fasting)
2.  massive energy expenditure through optimized exercise
Essentially, you're creating a huge calorie deficit (through both diet and exercise) on a day in which your body is extremely primed to burn those calories as fat AND when metabolism is at its highest point.
Make sense?
The truth is, through proper timing and proper strategy, you really CAN burn a pound of pure fat (and lose even more on the scale) in one day, without silly fat loss gimmicks or fads.
The secret, my friends, is all in the strategy.
You can NOT get the results you want by wishing or hoping...You want tight? You need to train and eat
No exception

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Master Trainer Rafael


Calorie Intake To Lose Weight Keep Your Metabolism Burning Hot

Hey Everyone

Rafael here with a special post on: Calorie Intake To Lose Weight Keep Your Metabolism Burning Hot

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When it comes time to seriously commit to losing weight the vast majority of the population will immediately think in terms of cutting calories.  We all know that in order to lose weight we will need to burn more calories than we take in.  I guess many people start with calorie intake to lose weight because with all the diet plans and supplements available it just make this method, as opposed to exercise, seem easier.

The truth is though that calorie cutting alone probably won't be enough to lose all the weight you want to lose.  And here's why.  One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories.  That means in order to lose just one pound of fat we will need to decrease our caloric intake by 3500 calories.  Most people should be taking in between 1,500 and 2,500 calories daily.  That means you would need to go without food for days just to lose one pound of fat!  Impossible, and unhealthy.

If you keep in mind that your body works kind of like a furnace,  you will understand why you need to continuously supply it with fuel.  Even if you could cut way back on the calories you take in daily, it still wouldn't work. Your body was designed to keep itself alive, at all costs.  It's hardwired to protect itself from starvation.  If you cut way back on the calories you take in, your body will think it's starving and will shut down as much as it can to preserve resources.  That means your metabolism will slow way, way down and you won't lose any weight.

The one thing you want to do when trying to lose weight is to keep your metabolism burning nice and hot so you can burn as many calories as possible.  In order to keep your metabolism burning hot you will need to constantly provide it with a sufficient amount of fuel.

Keeping your metabolism burning hot is another reason why restricting your caloric intake alone is not the optimum way to lose weight.  If you combine some form of exercise, particularly weight training, you will really ramp up your metabolism.  Why?  Simple, muscle burns hotter than fat.  For every bit of muscle you add to your body you are permanently ramping up your metabolism.

One word of caution for all of you women out there: you do not have to worry about 'bulking up' if you lift weights.  You would only be able to get bulky, if you wanted to, by basically becoming a full time weight lifter.  The women you see who are all bulked up work out for hours every single day, they eat perfectly, and sometimes they are even taking supplements.

You can lift weights a few times a week and you won't bulk up.  What you will do is tone up which will make you look 'tighter' which means you will look slimmer no matter what your actual weight is.  If you and your best friend both weigh 120 lbs but you are toned and she isn't you will look a lot slimmer.  So start lifting those weights.

If you took two people of the exact same weight, age, and gender, the only difference is that one had more muscle mass than the other, and compared their metabolic rate you would see that the one with the higher muscle mass would have a much higher metabolism all the time, even while they were sleeping or watching t.v.

When you keep these facts in mind you will see that calorie intake to lose weight is a very important element, but it is only part of the equation.  To truly optimize your weight loss efforts combine diet with some form of exercise program.  Not only will you more quickly achieve your weight loss goals, you will also have a healthier, better looking body.

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