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Common New Year Goal Setting Obstacles and How to Maneuver around Them

Rafael here with another post on New Year Resolutions.

At South Florida Fitness Bootcamp we are getting ready for everyone wanting to start the New Year with fitness on their mind.


Many people have issues with goal setting due to setting limiting obstacles in their own way. Some of the most common barriers to goals setting involve fear and lack of belief in yourself enough to even set a goal, much less follow steps toward achieving them. Perhaps if you know some of the most common goal setting obstacles you can work toward overcoming them.

You Don’t Want What You Think You Want
Some goals are set because other people want them for you. If you don’t really want what you say you want, it will be very difficult to set a goal for that thing. Be sure that you’ve set the goals for the right reasons and that it’s something you really want. Write down the pros and cons of any goal and know why you want to achieve that result before setting it in stone.

You Don’t Truly Understand the Importance of Goal Setting
Many people think goal setting is just hocus pocus and doesn’t really work. If you don’t really understand the power behind appropriate goal setting, it can be hard to take the time out of your day to truly set a goal. To understand the importance of goal setting, read several books about success and you’ll find that the most successful people set realistic goals, and then worked that goal into their schedule every single day. Even people who experience “overnight success” didn’t really achieve everything overnight. It was many nights of following a plan that brought results.

You’re Not Really Sure How to Set a Reasonable Goal
If you’ve actually tried to set a goal before but didn’t experience results, it’s probably because you just don’t know how to set a goal. It’s not as easy as just writing down a dream. Goals aren’t dreams. They are realistic, specific, achievable end results that you want to see. Take the time to learn the best goal setting techniques in order to experience goal setting success.

You’re Scared of Failure
Many people do not bother setting goals because they have a self-limiting belief that they’ll fail anyway. Therefore, if they do not set a goal, they won’t have to be a failure. But remember that the idea of planning to succeed over planning to fail is realistic. No goal setting is a recipe for failure; goal setting is a recipe for success. When you accept that you can only achieve real success through goal setting, you’ll overcome this obstacle.

You’re Afraid of Judgment
Sometimes people are scared to set a goal for something because they see it as outrageous. For instance, let’s say that you want to go back to college to get a Master’s degree, or you want to start your own business. You fear that if you set that goal, and other people know about the goal they’ll judge you harshly for wanting it or for some other imagined issue. If you are worried about what others think of you, it’s time to dig deep inside yourself and get over it. The truth is, what you think of yourself is more important than anything else. When you stop judging yourself, you’ll stop worrying about the judgment of others.

You’re Afraid of Success
Believe it or not, some people are literally afraid of success. They feel too much pressure surrounding success to actually make goals to be successful. They are more comfortable in their role as someone who is not successful or who is “normal” instead of as someone who sets a goal, works toward achieving it, and is seen as a success. The truth is, there will always be people who want to tear you down once you achieve some success, but the saddest thing in life is regretting not doing something. Most people regret the things they did not do, more than the things they did do - right or wrong.

From South Florida Fitness Bootcamp

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to get your food prepped on Sunday(for less than $25)

Happy Sunday ABF

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sunday for a lot of people is now football Sunday...for others it's time to relax but for everyone it should be to food prep!!

For some people this can be a lot of work, for some people this might seem impossible...but the truth is...

It's really simple.

Let me walk you though this easy process.

First you need to know how much food you should be eating. If you are not sure then we should meet very soon to get real numbers for you.

But for the easiest  way, you should be eating every 3 hours give or take.

About 30 minute after you wake up should be meal #1

Now, get yourself a rice cooker if you don't have one (makes rice cooking a lot easier) don't eat rice? You are cutting carbs out cause you need to burn fat? 

Sorry to bust your bubble...that alone won't work.

Ok..Start your rice cooking, at the same time put 3-4 pounds of chicken/fish/steak  in the oven to cook. Season at your taste...but go for healthier options

You can >>>AT THE SAME TIME<<< bake or boil some veggies.

This will all take less than an hour

Now it's time to pack


But maybe you like more variety...maybe you want more options

Then it's is the same formula and just a little more WORK

Of course then we have to address COST $$$$$

Looks very very expensive to purchase and prep all this food

5lbs of Dry Rice cost $2.50-3.50

You can cook 20-24 cups of cooked rice from this 

Now protein and veggies...I did a little price comparison (Publix, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market):

A dozen large eggs
Fresh Market: $1.79
Publix: $2.09
Whole Foods: $2.99

A dozen large organic eggs
Fresh Market: $4.19
Publix: $2.29-$4
Whole Foods: $4.99

Boneless chicken breasts:
Publix: $4.29 per pound/Greenwise $6.99
Whole Foods: $5.99 per pound
Fresh Market: $6.99 per pound

New York strip steak:
Fresh Market: $8.99 per pound
Publix: $8.99 per pound
Whole Foods: $9.99 per pound

Publix: $1.89 per pound
Whole Foods: $2.49 per pound
Fresh Market: $4.99 per 5-pound bag of organic (didn't have conventional)

Plum tomatoes:
Publix: $1.69 per pound
Fresh Market: $1.99 per pound
Whole foods: $2.99 per pound

Green peppers:
Publix: $1.49 per pound
Fresh Market: $1.99 per pound
Whole Foods: $1.99 per pound

Fresh Market: $1.69 per pound
Publix: $1.99 per pound
Whole Foods: $2.49 per pound

SO...Rice, 1 dozen eggs, 2lbs of chicken, half pound steak, 3 pound of raw veggies

$22-$26 for 1 week of food (give or take) it should be less

So..about $25 and about an hour to an hour and a half of your time.

Is it really and I can't?

Sure there is more...protein shakes, other carbs...but he basics...can be done with that.


Master Trainer Rafael

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What They NEVER Told You About Your Thyroid And Belly Fat

It's Super Tuesday ABF (Awesome Bootcamp Family)

It's A Heat Game Night and that means we are kicking it up at Bootcamp during our 5pm class and Overtime During out M2A class at 6pm

We are also 3 Days from BOOTCAMP AFTER DARK!!!!

Now I know so many people and some of you...have a lot of THYROID and weight loss or weight gain questions....So enjoy this post and share your thoughts....
Q) I’ve heard a sluggish metabolism can be caused by a slow thyroid. What does that mean and how likely is it?
A) In 2007, when Oprah Winfrey announced that her constant struggles with weight gain were due to a thyroid condition, women all across North America started blaming their thyroid for their inability to lose weight. But is this truly the problem?
The thyroid  is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the frontal base of our necks. It’s job is to regulate various aspects of our metabolisms from cell growth, to weight loss and gain, to reproductive function.  It does this by way of the thyroid hormones: triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).

What is hypothyroidism?
Hypothyroid, or a slow thyroid, is a condition in which either the function of the thyroid or the effectiveness of the thyroid hormones is inadequate. There are several reasons why this may occur, and the treatment is not always the same for each person.  They key thing is to work with a physician or endocrinologist (hormone specialist) who knows what to look for in many different ways.
The thyroid is often blamed for weight gain because that is one of the symptoms of this disorder. However, to truly have hypothyroidism a person must also display at least some of these other signs:
•    Dry, brittle, thinning hair
•    Swelling or puffiness under the eyes
•    Thick and swollen tongue
•    Rough, dry and flaky skin
•    Cold hands and feet to the touch
•    Persistent constipation
•    Slow heart rate, even though the person is not an athlete
•    Low basal body temperature: < 97.8F
•    Palpably enlarged thyroid gland
Further symptoms attributed to a “slow thyroid” include depression, low libido, fatigue, irritability, and memory loss.
The thing to keep in mind though is that these attributes can also be linked to other medical conditions like andropause or menopause – one needs to remember that our bodies are not closed systems;  we have several hormones that work in conjunction with another to maintain a normal metabolism. If one hormone is out of sync, several others can be negatively affected. Alternatively, these suspected hypothyroid symptoms can be simply related to poor nutrition choices.   
What tests can my doctor use to see if I have a slow thyroid?
In addition to looking at the symptoms listed above, your doctor will test your blood for levels of thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH. TSH is secreted from a part of your brain (your pituitary) that tells your thyroid to produce T3 and T4. If your thyroid is not making enough T3 and T4, your TSH levels will most likely be elevated.
According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists 2006, normal levels of TSH should be between 0.3 and 3.0 mIU/L. However, other scientists have suggested that TSH levels above 2.0 mIU/L are considered “subclinical hypothyroidism” and should not be taken lightly; it may represent early hypothyroidism.
Some doctors will also measure levels of free T4 hormone, thyroid antibodies, and/or perform a thyroid scan to evaluate suspicious structural thyroid abnormalities if you have symptoms of hypothyroidism but normal levels of TSH.
What is the treatment for hypothyroidism?
If you are diagnosed with overt hypothyroidism (which isn’t all that common), your doctor will treat you with pharmaceutical thyroid hormone replacement.
On the other hand, if you’re found to have subclinical hypothyroidism (which is more common), your first line of treatment is nutritional:
•    Iodine insufficiency is one of the main culprits – approximately 150 µg/day  of iodine can prevent hypothyroidism. Iodine is found in fish, iodized salt, dairy, whole eggs, strawberries, molasses and sea vegetables (kelp, dulse).  However, with fears of salt intake, cholesterol in eggs, mercury in fish, and removal of iodine from food products, our consumption of iodine has decreased over the years.  You can check your body iodine levels with a urine test.
•    Selenium is also important for normal thyroid function: onions, mushrooms, grains and brazil nuts are good sources.
•    Goitrogenic foods should also be avoided; these foods interfere with thyroid function and include soy foods, cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, turnips, etc), and legumes. If you love broccoli, the good news is that cooking inactivates goitrogenic compounds found in these types of vegetables.

How common is hypothyroidism?

About 1 to 10% of adults have subclinical hypothyroidism – the more common cause of unexplained weight gain without severe overt hypothyroidism symptoms. It mostly occurs in women over 50, and people with low iodine intake.  However, don’t be so quick to blame your thyroid for your weight gain blues.

The more likely reason for weight gain<<<<

Before you decide that your thyroid is the problem, look at if you’re doing everything right for an ideal body composition:
•    eating regularly
•    eating a balanced diet based on whole foods
•    taking a good multivitamin and mineral supplement
•    taking an essential fatty acid supplement (or eating foods high in EFAs)
•    avoiding sugar and alcohol
•    avoiding processed foods
•     exercising regularly
•    weight training
•    sitting less
If this isn’t the case, you may want to consider having your thyroid function tested with your doctor and match the results with clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism.
However, more often than not, your thyroid isn’t the issue. You either aren’t eating as well as you think you are, or you’re not exercising as effectively as you should be.
The answer to the first problem is to consult with a dietitian or certified nutritionist who can really help you identify insufficiencies with your diet and eating patterns.
For exercise, meet with a certified personal trainer to show you how to work out hard, yet safely, so you really burn fat and build muscle.
When you put these two lifestyle changes together and stick with them, failure is not an option: you WILL reach your goals and lose the weight.  But remember, these changes take longer than a few days to take effect; you didn’t gain the weight in a week, and you won’t lose it in a week either. Stay with the program and make these changes lifelong habits. Oprah’s problems don’t have to be yours too.  
Need more help??

Let set up a consultation...we will need about an hour or's $97 for the consultation...But I will include all off the things you need...Your meal plan, what to do on the off days..supplements you may need  later and so forth

Master Trainer Rafael

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 Weird Memorial Day BBQ Tip

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

It's summer time and you know what that means: Barbecues!

There is just something special about hearing the sizzle of the meat…

The taste of roasted veggies…

And, of course, the time spent with family and friends.

But what you may not know is that meat that you are about to serve to your guests may be filled with cancer-causing chemicals….

Grilling Meat and Health
Typically, you think of grilling as a great way to cut down on the fat, and make your meal healthier.

But a recent study shows, when the juices or fat from the meat drips down and hits the hot coals, it produces a chemical – called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

PAH has been shown to cause cancer and other negative health impacts.

By grilling your meat and letting the juices run free, you run the risk of destroying not only your health - but everyone’s you’re grilling for.

So what can you do?

Here are THREE ways to cut down on dangerous PAH exposure…

1. Wrap It Up
If you want to cut down on PAH exposure, then you should wrap your meat in tinfoil before placing it on the grill.

This will prevent the juices and fat from falling onto the hot coals, and exposing you to this dangerous carcinogen.

Plus, it will create soft and tender meat that EVERYONE will enjoy!

2. Cook MORE Fish
Fish is a perfect food that should be INCREASED in everyone’s diet and cooks much faster than red meat does.

This decreases the amount of PAH that is produced, therefore reducing your overall exposure.

Besides that, fish such as salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish, contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids – like the kind in EFA Icon Krill oil – that may give you a double shot of health benefits.

3. Cook On the OPPOSITE End
If you really want to reduce PAH exposure, then you should cook with gas.  However, if you MUST cook with charcoal, here is a bit of advice: move all the charcoal to one end and cook your food on the opposite end.

This will allow the juices to fall harmlessly below without hitting the hot coals, therefore cutting down on your exposure to PAH.

Three Ways to Create a Healthy BBQ
Summer time is the perfect time to get outside and BBQ with friends and family.

So be sure to include these THREE tips and significantly reduce your exposure to PAH.

This will keep you and your guests healthier and coming back for more!

Keep The Fat Burning Going All Summer With These Potent Nutrients >>

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Burn 1,004 calories with THIS workout [photo PROOF]

I’m not kidding. This workout burned 1,004 calories for a REAL user.


The best part? You won’t need ANY equipment OR a lot of time, either.


Use this workout to burn off:


- 5 slices of pizza

- An ENTIRE pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

- Over 30 Girl Scout Cookies

- Over 10 Pancakes


Carb lovers rejoice…



Here’s proof:


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an advanced athlete, you’ll discover how to modify this workout to your fitness level, too.



Rafael Moret

PS – You’ll also discover the #1 exercise of all time that burns the most fat (no, it’s not burpees!).


Thursday, May 8, 2014

3 reasons you’re not losing fat

You already know that you can’t out train a bad diet. That’s why you need a recipe, a plan to dice up your abs so you’ll feel confident to be seen on the beach. And it’s MORE than just a workout plan.

If you just “workout”, you could actually increase your cortisol, which will force your body to store more fat. You don’t want that.

You see it all the time. People work their butts off (figuratively that is, because at the end of the day their flabby butt is still there). They train and wonder ‘why am I not getting lean?’

Let me tell you why…three reasons:

#1 Backward Body Composition

People just like you and I trade fat for muscle as we age. This tanks our metabolism because our muscle is metabolically active while fat is dead ugly weight.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to lose muscle than it is to lose fat. Our bodies PREFER to use lean muscle tissue for energy over our belly fat.

But with a strategic combination of high intensity interval training, strength training and a nutrition plan that works synergistically with these workouts, you can actually force your body to harness belly fat as energy buy putting your metabolism into Afterburn.

#2 Hormone Havoc

Fat storing hormones like cortisol wreak havoc with belly fat and in today’s high stress world this hormone is at an all time high. Hormones that can promote fat burning like growth hormone and testosterone (women should have a healthy level of testosterone as well) decline with age but can be naturally boosted with the right kind of exercise. (This does NOT include things like running on the treadmill that actually increase fat storing hormones like cortisol.)

#3 Poor Eating

No matter what your exercise plan, if you’re not backing it up with solid nutritionally dense food, your plan will fail. And when it comes to eating, failing to plan is planning to fail, especially when your diet is too restrictive.

That’s why my friend, Shawna K who is more ripped and in better shape than most 20-year olds (she’s 50!), included her Challenge Fat Loss Nutrition Tactics along with her Challenge Fat Loss program that uses a brand NEW M2A method.

Other diet plans are too restrictive and don’t allow any wiggle room. Now when you use a combination Shawna’s workouts that manipulate your hormones to promote fat loss and her nutrition tactics to speed up your metabolism, you’ll see rapid results, no matter your age – Shawna is living proof.

Her workouts are only 20 minutes long, which is why they work so well. They promote the “good” hormones, while reducing the fat-storing hormones like cortisol because the workouts are so short.

However, they STILL use a combination of high intensity interval training and strength training. How is this possible? It’s because she uses M2A, which is a new science-based approach that allows you to work out in only 20 minutes but still getting results as if you worked out for 60 minutes.

When you team up M2A (Muscle Metabolism Acceleration) along with her nutrition tactics, you’re in for a total body transformation.

But it won’t be easy…

This is a workout program that will challenge you every step of the way, but in progressive ways. Best of all Shawna is going to be there with you through every exercise, every set, and ever rep right there with you to motivate, coach and guild you along.

You’ll make small manageable changes to your eating plan and you’ll use the M2A system to build lean, athletic muscle and naturally increase fat burning hormones like GH and testosterone and reduce fat storing hormones like cortisol…

… in only 20 minutes per workout!

It’s scientifically based and proven. And this week, you can get all of Shawna’s M2A workouts and her Challenge Fat Loss Nutrition Tactics for half off.

Master Trainer Rafael

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The cure for your slow metabolism

 If you think that all you have to do in order to lose fat is to burn more calories than you consume...
... sorry, you're wrong.
Think about it - if it were that easy, wouldn't we all be walking around with six-pack abs and without the thousands of books on diet and exercise?
And no, you don't have to work out more to burn more fat, that's a lie too. Although on paper, that seems the most obvious thing to do.
In fact, it's why we end up even more frustrated... we work out longer and still... NOTHING.
This is especially true as we age... But because of how our hormones work as we get older, working out longer can actually cause you to STORE more fat.
The "bad guy" hormone is cortisol, a hormone that actually PROMOTES fat storage AND muscle breakdown. And longer workouts create more of this hormone in your body. Now if you're 19 and shredded, you probably don't have a problem with cortisol. But for most of us, those days are gone, and so our workouts need to change.
So if you're not seeing the results in the mirror, it's not your fault. You simply just need to "shift" your hormones into fat burn mode with shorter workouts. But it's not as simple as just cutting your workouts short.
To maximize your fat burning and muscle sparing hormones like growth hormone, you'll need a combination of strength training and "just enough" high intensity interval training (HIIT). Too much of HIIT can have a negative effect, too.  
But when you use the perfect combination of these two approaches, you can actually fix your "slow" metabolism, which is holding you back from finally taking that stubborn layer of fat off. These simple shifts in your workouts can easily double your results.
On that page, you'll also see Shawna Kaminski, who uses these EXACT tricks to have flat, ripped abs and can knock out 25 pull-ups straight.
By the way, Shawna is 51 years old and smoking hot!
You'll also discover her brand new systematic approach to shift your hormones with science-based 20-minute workouts with the PERFECT blend of high intensity interval training and strength training that promotes fast fat loss and NOT cortisol like other programs. It's all a part of her new Challenge Fat Loss program.
And right now, it's HALF off!.
In addition to all of her FOLLOW-ALONG Challenge Fat Loss workout videos, she's also giving you the ultimate 48-hour Challenge Diet. You'll discover exactly what to eat every day to burn the most fat ever in just 14 days.
Here's the best part... you can eat whatever you want on certain days with NO guilt.
But there's a catch...
... her 48-Hour Challenge Diet is only available TODAY when you pick up her Challenge Fat Loss Workouts. Shawna wanted to give the serious action-takers something special on day one of her official launch.

"You must be willing to do what others don't so you can see the RESULTS others won't"
Rafael Moret