Sunday, February 24, 2013

The power of CHANGE

Today's Post is about CHANGES.

We are ALL (me too) looking for changes. After all isn't that why you are reading this now. At some point you have contacted me or downloaded one of my products looking for change.

Weight Loss, Improved sports performance, meal planning ect. ect. 

There was a change you were looking for. Some of you found it, some of you found more changes than you thought, and some of you didn't stick around long enough to see...

My point is CHANGE is GOOD

And at Bootcamp we are going to experience some changes effective immediately. 
While I try never to alter our classes based on outside circumstance (pretty much anything I can't control) happens

So starting tomorrow we are temporarily stopping all the morning classes. 6,7 &8am in Hialeah and 6:15am  in Pines...

11am is still on! and so are all the other classes (BOOM!)

I will be sure to let you know when we are ready to go again.

Sorry for any inconveniences, but it was a change we needed to make for the BEST.

I know some people just don't like's uncomfortable, it scares you, it's different...but that is ok

Here are some thoughts


Now, yes I talk about fitness in this space and ALL of these are applicable to fitness....but also to every element of life....

But the BIGGEST change to your fitness, the difference between getting AWESOME results and no the same principle you can apply to all of life situations that require change

Our 4 options to join bootcamp are here:

Will you start making the changes you need to, or will you keep reading yesterdays chapter

I hope your SUNDAY is Awesome

The Boot Camp Rebel

PS....Ok there is more...I could not stop:

  1. You cannot change what you refuse to confront.
  2. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
  3. Don’t think of cost.  Think of value.
  4. Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.
  5. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.
  6. Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.
  7. Giving up doesn’t always mean you’re weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough and smart enough to let go and move on.
  8. Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, etc…
  9. If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alcohol & fat loss (new article)

 Good Morning Everyone

Happy Saturday
This morning we have  Bootcamp and Bootcamp and Bootcamp....since it's the weekend and I know alot of you are going to party it up...I figure I share some useful info for you. My friend Mike has 7 tips for you to still have an ADULT beverage and stay lean lean...enjoy it!
7 Tips to Still Enjoy Social Drinking and Stay Lean at the Same Time
by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist
author - The Truth About 6-Pack Abs

This topic seems to be a common struggle I hear from a lot of people... They want to get lean, but they don't want to give up drinking alcohol.
Now, I'm not talking about alcoholic type of drinking (THAT is obviously a problem)... we're just talking moderate social drinking here.
First, although some people may willingly choose to give up alcohol entirely, I still think most of us can drink in moderation, and still stay perfectly healthy and lean.  But there are a few tricks that can help you to not pack on the pounds... and I'll mention those in a little bit.
As for myself, it comes down to choosing what I'm going to be strict about to maintain my fitness lifestyle and what I'm not going to be strict about.
For example, I'm pretty strict about never eating anything deep fried or made with trans fats, never eating white bread, and never drinking sodas or sweetened soft drinks of any kind... but I'll admit that one thing I've chosen to not be strict about is drinking alcohol.  What... a fitness pro admits that he drinks and is not a fitness "robot" 24/7... No way!
Well yes, it's true... I'm 37 now and I certainly don't drink as frequently as I did back in my crazy college days (man those college days were fun!), but I'll certainly enjoy some cold ones when hanging out with friends, going to a barbeque or dinner party, or during a night out at the bars and nightclubs. And I love having a glass or two of red wine along with a nice dinner!
It's all about balance in your life, and not every aspect has to be "perfect" in order for you to still get the body and health that you want. You'll drive yourself crazy if you're trying to be perfect.
Of course, if you have no problem abstaining from alcohol and willingly make that decision, then that will certainly be the best thing for your health and your body.
However, for the rest of us, that actually do like to partake in some social drinkinghere are a few tips that have helped me to stay single-digit bodyfat lean, while still drinking alcohol occasionally.
TIP 1. Obviously alcohol gives you extra empty calories on the days that you choose to drink. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram for carbs and protein, and 9 calories per gram for fats.
However unlike ingesting carbs, protein, or healthy fats from a healthy food source, drinking alcohol gives you LOTS of calories with very little micronutrients.
On nights that I know are going to involve some drinking, it helps to make sure that dinner is based only around protein and vegetables. You're going to take in a lot of empty calories with the alcohol, so eating a good portion of appetite-satisfying protein along with nutrient-rich vegetables can help to control your appetite and give your body the nutrients it needs.
Plus, most importantly, there's just no room for loads of carbohydrate-rich foods if you're also going to be consuming alcohol. Carbs + alcohol is a perfect recipe for growing a beer belly!  Try to keep that evening meal a fairly low-carb meal to save yourself from extra empty calories.
TIP 2. If you want to save your body from adding layers of ugly fat, by all means stay away from syrupy, fruity drinks that are loaded with sugar... this is a double whammy for your gut as you're not only getting all of the empty alcohol calories, but also loads of empty sugar calories. Big fruity drinks such as a big syrupy margarita, or other tropical fruity drinks can sometimes have as much as 500-600 calories per serving and 70-100 grams of sugar!
Quick tip on margaritas:  I don't know about you, but I love margaritas.  However, most margaritas have loads of sugar from the sour mix. If you want to get a super low sugar and lower calorie margarita, what you need to do is ask the bartender to make your margarita with ONLY tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice, and no sour mix.  I think it tastes better anyway than a normal sugary margarita.
Next point... and I don't think this even needs to be mentioned, but if you care about your body, any drink that uses soda pop as the mixer is going to be loaded with sugar (usually high fructose corn syrup) and calories.
Instead, your best bet is to stick with a clear alcohol mixed with club soda (NOT tonic) and a squeeze of lime or lemon (hey, at least you get a little vitamin C and antioxidants with the squeeze of lemon and lime!).  Vodka with club soda and extra lemon and/or lime squeeze is my drink of choice at the bars and nightclubs.
Stay away from tonic water mixers! Some people don't realize this, but tonic water is loaded with almost as much sugar as regular soda pop... on the other hand, club soda has no calories at all. It's clearly the lowest calorie way to drink.
TIP 3. If you're going to drink beer, you're better off choosing just 1 or 2 dark beers rather than 5 or 6 light beers.  Sure, dark beers have more calories than light beers, but dark beers also have more B vitamins and antioxidants than light beers, so you actually get more nutrition from the dark beer.  As long as you keep it to just 1 or 2 dark beers, you may still stay within 150-300 calories.
Generally, it also takes a little longer to drink a good dark beer compared to a watery light beer too.
TIP 4.  Try to get in a high intensity full body workout before your night out of drinking. If you do this, at least you've revved up your metabolism and have your body processing calories a little faster.
Also, trying to get in some sort of exercise the morning after your night out can also help to get your body back to a good state of health. This may not be your best workouts in terms of energy, but it can help to just get your body moving and break a sweat, and get back to a good homeostasis.
TIP 5. Avoid the late-night munchies after a night of drinking! This is where most people do the biggest damage to their waistlines.
Instead, make sure to have some lean protein and vegetables quickly available at home (perhaps some pre-cooked chicken breasts, grass-fed steaks, or even tuna fish and some veggie sticks) so that you can satisfy your late night post-party appetite with lean protein instead of carbohydrates.  Veggies and protein is the key here.
The worst thing for your body is loading up on pizza, ice cream, and other carb-rich junk after a night out of drinking.
TIP 6. If you drink multiple drinks socially, try to keep drinking alcohol to only 1-2 days/week maximum if you want to stay lean. On the other hand, if you never drink more than 1-2 drinks per day, I think having 1-2 drinks daily with a meal can still be part of a healthy lifestyle. As long as those calories are accounted for and you still stay within your daily caloric maintenance.
TIP 7. Wine is one of the healthier drink choices... if you must have a drink, you might as well choose wine so you at least get a good dose of antioxidants as well. Red wine is known for it's antioxidant content, however even white wines contain some antioxidants as well... white wines just aren't quite as high in antioxidants as red wines.
Hey, if you can get a little resveratrol while enjoying your company, why not!
However...1-2 glasses, NOT A BOTTLE
What about hangovers?
Ok, so you went a little overboard and drank too much.  Now you might be facing a hangover the next morning.  Well, I can't personally verify whether this works or not, but I have 2 friends in particular that swear by taking this whole-foods based vitamin, VGF25+ (this stands for 25+ veggies, greens, and fruits) before they go to bed, and they claim that it almost always prevents a hangover the next morning if they remember to take it before going to bed.
And finally, like I mentioned before, drinking alcohol just adds one more thing to your list that you have to work against in getting the body you want.
Abstaining may always be the best choice, BUT we also need to be realistic and know that social drinking is not something that most people are willing to give up entirely.
For that reason, this list of tips to help manage social drinking in a healthier way can really help you to stay leaner and healthier and still balance a little bit of social drinking into your life.

People I am back, did you see tip #4...a full body workout...I tell you all the go to rock the hour with you.
Remember, there are 4 ways you can join our program, check them out here:
You can join today and start tomorrow (or Monday ;-)

Enjoy your Saturday People

The Boot Camp Rebel

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Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt 

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Burn Fat for Pennies a Day?

Hey Everyone, Rafael Here...

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World's Toughest Fat Loss Workout?

 Hey Everyone

Rafael here and I have a cool guest post today for you

By Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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"Toughest. Workout. Ever."

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You see, you're getting a program that includes three totally
exhausting workouts - training sessions that were modeled
around the shocking results of an extreme 2012 workout study
and my "All Day Workout" training challenges.

In that extreme workout study, researchers found that short,
intense bodyweight workouts (just 4 minutes long) got better
fitness and muscle endurance results than slow cardio.

And here's the kicker...the crazy subjects in this experiment
actually ENJOYED the extreme workouts more than slow cardio.

So if that sounds like you, then you're going to LOVE the
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Here's what you can expect in terms of results.

Since it's the most extreme fat loss program you've ever
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I threw ALL my weapons of fat destruction into this program,
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The Dirty TRUTH About Whey Protein

Hey Everyone

Rafael here with a special GUEST post today...enjoy

The Dirty TRUTH About Whey Protein

Perhaps the most popular nutritional supplement EVER is whey protein. Heck, you can even buy some of the worst, cheapest whey protein around conveniently at your local Wal-Mart. Now that’s when you KNOW it’s popular.
But here’s the truth: Whey protein, even the “high quality” stuff that you’d pay an arm and a leg to obtain from your local Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, could very likely be stalling your fat loss progress and, even WORSE, causing you to GAIN weight.
And if that wasn’t enough, here are the absolute WORST times to consume whey protein:
1. During the day
2. In the evening
Scratching your head? Don’t: you understood it perfectly. Whey protein simply isn’t a great protein to consume at any time of day, and for specific reasons.
1. Whey Protein Absorption – A review on the rate of protein absorption published in 2006 in theInternational Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reported that whey protein isolate absorbs at a rate of about 8g/hour. This is in large part due to the fact that whey is not broken down into small enough peptides by our body’s natural enzymes in time to be absorbed.
Couple that with the fact that the window of opportunity for whey protein to be absorbed is 1.5 hours, your body at maximum will be able to absorb 12 grams of whey protein from a single serving.
Kind of makes those 40g whey protein shakes seem foolish, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because they are.
Simply put, whey protein passes through the system far too rapidly to be adequately absorbed, leaving the majority of your protein shake wasted…literally.
2. Insulin Release Associated With Whey – Which of the two items below cause a greater spike in insulin?
wonder bread
a) White Bread
whey protein isolate now brand
b) Whey Protein
Well, as you can probably guess, if you chose the horrendous, high glycemic, void-of-all-nutritionwhite bread, you’d be 100%…WRONG.
That’s right, a 2012 study published in Nutrition & Metabolism identified that the specific amino acids in whey protein stimulate beta cells to secrete more insulin than a similar amount of carbohydrate from white bread.
In the presence of insulin, fat burning essentially stops.
This makes a whey-protein-only supplement a big-time no-no for evening use, especially pre-bedtime when avoiding spikes in insulin are paramount as metabolism is already slowing down in preparation for its normal, much slower sleep rhythm.
The truth is, whey protein simply isn’t an ideal protein to use at any other time other than immediately following exercise, and even then the amount you’re able to absorb on a per serving basis is extremely limited.

The Solution: A true time-released protein blend.

The fact is, whey is an extremely high quality protein with one of the highest biological values of any protein source, but it possesses two undeniable downsides in its very limited absorption rate and record-setting insulin response.
Still, you may be wondering if it’s possible to somehow get the positive benefits of whey without the downsides, and the answer is YES. The trick is to combine whey with other medium-speed and slow-digesting proteins such as milk protein and micellar casein, respectively.
This combination of proteins will significantly reduce the overall insulin response from the whey while ensuring optimal absorption of each protein due to its slower digestion and time-released nature.
But don’t be fooled – most time-released protein blends are a total FRAUD. Sure, it’s “sexy” to market a time-released “blend” of proteins, but the unfortunate truth is that most of these blends consist of 90% cheap, denatured whey and contain very little of the more expensive slow-digesting proteins that make a true time-released protein product work.
How do you know how much of each protein is contained in these so-called “blends”? Well, the ONLY real way to know is by the brand listing the exact amounts of each protein on their label, which hardly anyone does.

Except BioTrust Low Carb.

Biotrust Low CarbWith BioTrust Low Carb we put together a true 25-25-25-25 blend of micellar casein, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein concentrate. Yes, it’s much more expensive to produce than a simple, low-absorbing, insulin-spiking whey protein powder, or a fraudulent “proprietary blend” of proteins that in reality is still 90% whey, but we feel we owe it to our customers to give them a product that delivers a true solution to the whey protein dilemma, even if it cuts into our profit margins.
After all, we created BioTrust for you, your body, and your results; and when you pick up a 4-pack of BioTrust Low Carb today, you’ll score a whopping 25% savings!
  • It’s 100% All-Natural – no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors
  • It’s naturally sweetened with stevia and a naturally sweet form of fiber called inulin
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  • It’s the very first, and currently the ONLY, protein product on the market to use a breakthrough new enzyme that has been shown to more than DOUBLE protein absorption
And it tastes awesome. See for yourself and save 25% on our 4-pack today:
Keep rockin’,
Rafael Back
I hope you enjoyed that...if you have questions and or comments leave them below
The Boot Camp Rebel