Sunday, December 23, 2012

These 4 foods accelerate AGING (avoid!)

 In today's new article, you'll discover 4 common foods that you are probably eating every day that can actually make you age FASTER... so beware of these:

These 4 foods accelerate AGING  (Are you eating these?)
I'm also excited to announce to you today that our friends and nutrition gurus Catherine Ebeling and Mike Geary have just today released a brand-new manual called The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging, and they're celebrating this release by offering this little gem to you for UNDER ten bucks!  That's a whopping $30 savings by grabbing it today...

This new manual is MUCH more than a list of foods... it's actually 83 pages jam packed with all sorts of unique foods, herbs, spices, teas, little-known nutrients, and dozens of other tips and tricks to help you FIGHT the aging process and keep youthful joints, skin, organs, and muscles so that you look and feel 10 years YOUNGER than your real age!

> The Top 101 foods, spices, herbs, and nutrients that FIGHT aging  (+ dozens of anti-aging tricks you'll love)

I think you'll love this new manual as it has so many powerful tips that will protect your health and the youthfulness of your body.


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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fitness Is More Than a New Year Resolution

One of the most common new year resolutions is to get in shape. You've probably heard countless friends and family talk about how they're going to join a gym or start a new weight loss routine for the new year.

But fitness is too important to just leave it to a new year resolution. It is important to have a year-round fitness routine which adapts to the changing needs of your body and lifestyle. Starting a fitness routine now is the best way to set yourself on the right path. It's not just about making promises to yourself that come the new year things will change, it's about getting actual results from a properly planned routine of exercise.
It can be all too easy to put off starting a fat loss plan and it takes real willpower to make that change today. There can be many excuses that pop into your mind about why you can't start changing your body and losing weight immediately. But your health is too important to leave to chance. The quicker you start a well-planned fitness routine, the sooner you'll see real results. These results will spur you on to push harder, eat better, and increase the amount of effort you're putting into your weight loss routine.
"Many people have tried different ways to get in shape, and one of the most effective is a fitness bootcamp" says Rafael Moret, the owner of Rated "R" Fitness bootcamp. This kind of environment provides not only the right equipment to help your fitness routine, but also the motivation, encouragement, and fun. Instead of a solitary exercise routine in a corner of the gym, you can be training with properly qualified bootcamp fitness instructors on a purpose-built facility with other people who share the same goals as you.
You can push your body a lot harder when a professional is setting your targets, because you'll be safe in the knowledge that they're not only medically sound for you to take part in, but also realistic for your fitness level. After starting training, you will find you lose fat and increase muscle tissue. And this increase in muscle tissue means your body will burn more calories when you're resting, making it easier to keep fat off your body.
It's possible to burn far more calories in one bootcamp session than in a standard low-intensity gym workout. You benefit from seeing the results faster, which will improve your motivation and determination to stay in shape. Bootcamp workouts have been shown to lower stress and help people enjoy their lives.
It will come at a much lower cost than a personal trainer, so there's no worrying about the cost of getting involved and starting right now. It's a surprisingly low-cost way of getting fit. When scheduling bootcamp sessions, they can fit around your work commitments. It is the fastest way to get in shape and see some serious fat loss. Many people have tried a lot of different ideas from fad diets to low-intensity gym sessions before trying the bootcamp approach. But it's this type of exercise that has sen them lose weight and increase the strength of their heart.
It's a good idea to speak with a bootcamp instructor about your fitness history and future goals so your targets and activities can be set appropriately. Instead of just making a new year's resolution you should start a bootcamp routine today!

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