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Lower Body Workouts.

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Rafael here from Rated "R" Fitness I have a special guest post from one of our NEW coaches Jeff.

Lower Body Workouts.
By: Jeff Thomas

The key to shaping and toning the lower body are equal parts strength training,
frequency, and time. A strong, sexy, and curvy lower body is something all women
strive to achieve. With these simple exercises you can pick and choose which ones
you want to do each day to maximize your 7 days in the gym, so you too can get the
hips, thighs and legs of your dreams.

Mini-Bands. A great way to activate the glutes before doing any lower
body movement is to use mini bands. You simply place your ankles inside
the bands and step side-to-side. 15-20 of these and your glutes will be
ready to be worked.

Squat- The squat is the single best move to strengthen the entire body,
especially the glutes/quads. To properly perform a squat you must shift
your body weight into your mid-foot/heels and bring your glutes down
as if you are trying to find a chair. Perform 10-15 squats and feel the

Deadlift- The deadlift is the second greatest move to strengthen the
entire body, especially the hamstrings. To properly perform this motion
you keep a slight bend in your knees, with your upper-body at a 30-45
degree angle, and bring your hips forward until you standing upright.
Simply bring your hips back and your upper-body will naturally fall
forward and there you have it, a deadlift. Perform 10-15 per set.
Leg Press- A great quadriceps isolation movement is the leg press. To
perform the leg press place your feet hip-to shoulder width apart and
bring your knees toward your chest. Two keys to the leg press is to keep
your glutes on the pad and your knees in alignment with your body.
Perform 10-15 per set.

Leg Curl- A great hamstring isolation movement is the leg curl. There are
a few options to the leg curl, you can do a lying leg curl, seated leg curl,
and single-leg versions of each. One tip is to keep your hips on the pad
to ensure you get the most out of this movement pattern. Perform 10-15
per set.

Leg Extension- Another great quadriceps isolation movement is the leg
extension. You can perform this motion with both legs or a single leg.
Two tips when performing a leg extension is to have as little space as
possible between the back of your knees and the pad, and secondly as
you extend your legs forward keep the knees in-line with your feet to
avoid possible injury. Perform 10-15 per set.

In a 7 day workout routine, I recommend working out legs 3-4 times.
There are many different ways to build your routine. If you are looking
to build muscle you should choose 4-8 reps for 2-3 sets with a 1:00-1:30
break. For endurance athletes you should choose 15-20 reps for 2-3 sets
with less than a 30 second break. For the day-to-day person you should
choose 10-15 reps for 3-4 sets with a :45-1:00 break.

Lastly, do not be afraid to include bodyweight moves into your routine
between sets or at the end of your workout to really break through any
plateau and help your legs get ready for the beach.

Hope you enjoyed that and don't forget todowload your free report on 5 booty tightning exercises

Rafael Moret

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