Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Splenda (Sucralose) Toxicity Exposed

Splenda (Sucralose) Toxicity Exposed: "Before you tear open that little yellow packet of sweetener and stir it into your coffee, please read this.
Do you want to:
Avoid certain diseases and maintain health and vitality well into your later years?
Save your children from a slow poisoning from hidden toxins in their food?
Discover scientific data about overlooked poisons in your everyday life?
Avoid those vague health symptoms of illness that puzzle your doctor?
Be informed with inside information mainstream media won’t tell you?
Have control over your health through knowledge?
Desire to enjoy your grandchildren (and great-grandchildren)?
Not allow advertisers to “teach” you what’s good for you?

Interested? Then we need to talk about a sweetener war sweeping across America. Perhaps you can sip on that cup of coffee black until we straighten out the confusing selection of artificial sweeteners out there. This information is a tool to protect your health – and your children’s health – from a hidden danger that marketing experts have packaged attractively and seductively. You’ll be shocked at what the “quiet side” of scientific research reveals.
It’s time to admit that there is no free ticket to eating all the sugar-free products you desire without paying the high price of harming your body in the long run. The “technology of foods” (artificial sweeteners and manmade foods) has gone too far, and will not secure eternal health, beauty, slimness, or youth. Laboratory sugar-free chemicals are not your answer."

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