Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dumbest 'Slimming' Snack Advice Ever

It's no wonder people are so overweight. It's no wonder people don't have the flat stomach they crave.

With TV commercials as misleading as they are it's really no shock whatsoever.

You're inundated with crummy information and myths every time you turn on the TV.

A while back they were running a commercial for some silly Rice Puff product. It was in an office setting and someone had brought in cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

One woman looked worried she was going to ruin her "diet" because of the temptation and decided to "fill up" on a Rice Puff product.

Come on. You're smarter than that. You know darn well that a rice puff thingy is going to fill you up and stop you from stuffing your face.

For one thing, you need to expect these situations to arise. Whether you want six pack abs or just want to get to a perfectly healthy weight, you have to have a plan for temptation.

Second, that means you need to plan meals so you aren't completely starving when someone brings cupcakes to your office or something.

You know you need to eat small, frequent and nutritious meals if you really want to achieve fat loss.

Third, if you are looking for a great tasting healthy snack that fulfills your love of chocolate then look no further.

Prograde Cravers are just what the fitness pro ordered.

( Check them out here: http://results4sure.getprograde.com/cravers )

Cravers are only 180 calories and they are made with 100% organic dark chocolate. They are completely delicious and they are the perfect snack for busy people on the go.

They even come in three flavors. Personally, I love the Almond Butter

Anyway, don't buy the hype on TV. You know better than that.

Yours in health,


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