Friday, January 2, 2009

No More New Year’s Resolutions

Think of a time when you were in the best shape of your life.

Can you picture it?

Think about it for 5 seconds!!

How did you feel?

Was all of that a results of a New Year’s resolution? I bet it wasn’t .
Here is why all those NEW year resolutions don’t work. Sometime around September you decided that you wanted to get in shape. You came up with the great idea that in January you would start a fitness program to get back in shape. However…what were you doing between September and December?


Isn’t that the same thing that happens to people that want to wait until Monday to start anything. If you know today that you want to get …wait, that you need to get back in shape why would you wait until Monday let alone until January 1st, like some miraculous event will change your habits at midnight.

Now think about what's going on now. Are you just not looking EXACTLY how you want to?
Need to lose a few?
Want to put on some quality, lean muscle?

Think about it.

What's going to happen 6 months from now if you don't make a change? What are you going to look like, picture it. How are you going to feel, think about that .
6 pack abs, those nice muscular lines and fitting into you favorite outfit won’t happen overnight ,let alone in the first 30 days of a New year. They certainly won’t happen just because it’s a new year. Being fit and healthy is not a gimmick and it’s not some thing you do this month.

It’s a lifestyle.

Your body is your vessel for your journey through this life. You need to feed it with the right FUEL (food and supplements) . You need to work it the right way through exercise so that it functions optimally. It needs to rest adequately so that it can function efficiently. All of these things don’t just happen because it’s a new year. They happen because you want a better quality of life for you and those around you. Can fitness do this for you?


How much better will you feel about yourself by living a healthier lifestyle. What kind of impact will that have on your life and those around you. No more New Year fitness resolution…decide it NOW!

And make it last…

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