Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rated R Fitness Has Found the Secret to Losing Fat in Just 14 Days


Rated R Fitness Has Found the Secret to Losing Fat in Just 14 Days With the Revolutionary “Rated R 14 Day Fat Flush”

Rated R Fitness is ready to show anyone how the world’s most effective workout system and meal manipulation plan can Turbo charge fat burning in just 14 short days! The plan is called The Rated “R” 14 Day Fat Flush ( and the start date is Monday, April 23!

By early May, adherents to this plan can expect to lose between 6 to 12 pounds and drop a couple of pant or dress sizes. Yes, this system is effective for both men and women!

The Rated “R” 14 Day Fat Flush was discovered by the trainer at Rated R Fitness during normal sessions with clients. The amazing plan is a combination of working out in short-burst, high-intensity exercises plus a manipulation of the clients eating program, but not a specific diet. This program is not a diet!  Follow this plan and the fat comes of FAST, in fact in just 14 days.

Starting on Monday, April 23, Rated R Fitness is offering this plan to a select few “bets testers.” Anyone who wants to experience fast fat loss results in 14 days is eligible. For two weeks, each participant will follow an intense regimen, but the results will be dramatic.

Participants will join the trainer in the any one of three locations in Pembroke Pines, Cooper City or Miami Lakes/Hialeah and follow both the nutrition and exercise parts of the program. There will be some muscle soreness after the intense workouts but that will just mean the program is working. The nutrition program will not involve a starvation diet. Those don’t work anyway. This plan actually involves a significant amount of calories just manipulated in creative ways to help the body burn the maximum amount of fat.

This initial program is priced at only $87, so it’s a great bargain. During the beta testing period only 15 clients will be accepted so interested parties need to act now.

Signing up for the program is simple:


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