Monday, April 6, 2009

And The She Kissed ME

Hey Everyone,

Funny story today but I think timing is everything.

One of my boot camp clients gave me a BIG kiss....on the cheek, Today

You see she had been going though some weight issue for a while, more than she was saying.

Her eating wasn't that good and the weight wasn't falling the way she wanted.

Well a few weeks ago she decided to take a stand and when I launched my 10 Day Weight Loss Jump Start, she took advantage right away...and then she followed up with the 28 day Extreme Fat I already said she was a boot camper already


Well during the 10 Day detox she dropped 8-10lbs it was hard to say from the last weigh in...Now with a brand NEW colon and a FRESH metabolism, she dropped another 17 lbs during the 28 day program...for a Grand total of 27lbs in 38 Days...

Now I guess I can understand her excitement....

So for ALL of you who waited till the Last Moment..This Page Will come down at Midnight TONIGHT...

The Boot Camp is listed on this page...The 10 Day Jump Start Is On It...and The 28 Day extreme Program as well...

ALL ON SALE!!!!!!!

If you do not live in South Florida No Problem You can get the 10 Day Jump Start or 28 Day program...

If All you want is to join Boot Camp you can do that too....But Here is an opportunity to Really get your Body to Change and all before Memorial Day Weekend....

Last is the link:

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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