Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to do more pushups and pullups (embarrassing story)

There's a woman - in her 40's - who can KICK my butt in a
push-up and pull-up challenge.

Her name's Shawna Kaminski and she can help anyone - even you
and me - improve the number of pushups and pullups that they
can do. She has training tips and SIMPLE little technique
changes that will give you almost immediate improvements.

Check them out here:


You'll also discover an embarrassing story from a world-
famous fitness expert who THOUGHT he was fit until he
trained with Shawna.

Shawna's a master at pushups and pullups - and a fitness
champion, to boot.

So no matter if you still struggle to do your 1st pullup or
pushup, or if you want to do 25 pullups straight, she can help.

After all, she can do more than 25 pullups and 100 pushups
- straight, with no rest - herself.

She's a machine and she'll help you become a pushup and
pullup machine too.

Get her bodyweight workout secrets here:


I know you can do more pushups and pullups,

Rafael Moret
The Boot Camp Rebel


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