Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2k10 Body Transformation Tips and My Workout

Hey Everyone

WOW..I did altogether maybe 4 hours of cardio today...All together..
Also thorugh in Flat Bench Press, Barbell Rows and Shoulder Press...about 5 sets of each with decending reps 15,12,10,8,6

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The 5 simple steps to success are:
1) Review your food journal.
Research shows that if you use a food journal, you should lose up to
3.5 pounds more than if you didn't. Pretty simple, huh?

2) Use http://Fitday.com to see if your calories have crept up.
When people ask me how many calories they should be eating, I simply
tell them to do three things.
- Go to Fitday.com and find out how many calories they are eating now.
- Cut that number by 20% if they are not losing weight.
- Improve the quality of their diet by eating at least 5 servings of
fruit and 5 servings of vegetables each day (in addition to your
other healthy foods).
The fat will fall off with this simple guideline.

3) Stop doing long, slow, boring cardio and switch to interval
Unless you are training for a marathon, a 10-K, or if you just love
cardio more than life itself, there's really no reason to do long,
slow boring cardio.
Switch to shorter interval training sessions and you'll get more
results, have more fun, and do it all in less than half the time.

4) Review your workouts for best results.
In addition to your food journal, you should keep a workout journal.
This will allow you to go back through your past workouts to find
out which ones worked best for you and which ones you enjoyed. If
you're struggling now, I suggest returning to the program that gave
you the best results in the past.

5) Include resistance training in your workouts to help you sculpt
your body.
Look at your body as a sculpture...sure you might have a little
extra plaster on it, but you'll get that off fastest with nutrition,
not long cardio.
So use nutrition to lose the fat, and resistance training supersets,
like the ones in the world-renowned Turbulence Training program: , or
if you live in South Florida the one at Our Bootcamp
and you'll sculpt your body like a beautiful work of art.

If you're ready to go sleeveless, to get a flat stomach, and even
to show off your body at the beach, then you're ready for The 90
Day You vs Me Body Transformation Challenge:
You could win $577 of My Money if you can transform the way
you look faster than I can

Happy Hump Day

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